Tribute To A Christian Brother And Uncle (Daniel Onyewuchi Eboh).

 Tribute To A Christian Brother And Uncle (Daniel Onyewuchi Eboh).

Tribute To A Christian Brother And Uncle (Daniel Onyewuchi Eboh).

A Christian memorial tribute is a speech given at a funeral or memorial service.


Christian memorial tribute may include a brief history of life, personal memories, anecdotes, interests or hobbies. A Tribute rekindles the person in our imagination and gives us something to remember. We outline some things that can help you write a poignant and memorable tribute.


What a tears-dropping tribute at a time unexpected. Death is an inevitable part of life, a harsh reality that makes you question your mortality. It makes you question your purpose in life. Are you on the right path? How could you live your life differently and in Christ?

All these are the teachings and words of Mr Daniel Onyewuchi Eboh. He would always point you to doing God’s will and will always condemn evil no matter who is involved.

you are the only man at home near me and your presence drove my fears. Your presence also kept bad boys away from our compound for darkness bows to the Light.

Now that you are with the Lord, who shall take your place here? who shall I seek for advice and direction in times of crisis? we all prayed for your healing but God’s will for you is the best. Have a righteous man’s rest my husband, brother-in-law, and neighbour.




God knows how much I missed your continual smiles even at quarrelling with your wife back then in Lagos Nigeria, you will package yourself as the image-maker you were as soon as you sensed that someone is at the door, you will make it look as if you were singing or praying. always so secrecy and will always forgive. you tried to fix your world in all circumstances.

my wife would always tell me that you are the best as you continued to be a source of strength, happiness, faith, peace, understanding, and the cord that bound the family.

You are a traveller like me, always travelling around the world through the books you read like a bookworm. What I saw as a sad and wicked Thursday I later understood as the Thursday that ended your suffering.

I will always remember the last 7 years of your life as you and I and sometimes I meet you with bro ONYECHERE EBOH as we will sit like the biblical Job and his friends always looking into APOLOGETICS, Anthropology, Eschatology, and theodicy as they relate to life.

If I could change everything, You know I would change it for you. with tears of agony in my spirit as you came with a prognosis proving your liver is cancerous and that you have barely 6 months. What a disease it spread all about, yet you were full of faith and smiles.

Things fall apart the morning your wife bid me come to observe you, your lifeless body was still warm yet I knew your spirit was out of your body and somewhere around the house I presumed and that got me praying in the spirit for a farewell journey to a saint.

It was then and only then that it dawned on me that of a truth, “we are creatures of ETERNITY, only trapped into the envelope of TIME as a consequence of the original sin”. no matter how anyone sees it, I now see sicknesses, accidents, etc as the conductors to the transit to death and death is freedom from the envelope of time to our eschatological destination.

looking back on all of your memories, I thank God for blessed are the dead who died in the Lord, Rev 14:13. Death can stop us from fulfilling all we wished in life, but it can not erase the love of God in Christ Jesus. It is a good night to an iconic uncle.




God saw that you were getting tired, A cure was not to be. So He put His arms around you and whispered, “Come with Me.” When I heard that the specialists at Federal Medical Center Owerri Imo State, Nigeria couldn’t do any more than watch you suffer and gradually fade away. we rescheduled you to be brought to another hospital which also rejected you due to your health condition. there is always a time that money couldn’t answer all things “AT DEATH”.

with heavy running tears in my eyes, I couldn’t go to work that day and all I could think of is our friendship back then in Lagos before I travelled abroad. so sorrowful to accept that my uncle and friend, nda onyewuchi as we all call you is with the FATHER, SON, and HOLY GHOST above all sufferings and pains.

A golden heart stopped beating early the next morning.

Hard-working hands rested from its toiling.

A cancerous liver vanished with all its captivity and God broke our hearts to prove to us He only takes “The Best”




It wasn’t easy for me to bear the pains of losing a younger brother like Onyewuchi Daniel Eboh. how can I be burying my little ones at a younger age? first was Ndidi, the second was Ugochi and now it’s Onyewuchi.

I rebuke every angel of untimely death in my father’s family in Jesus’ name. It is enough! please God defend my father’s family and let there be longevity even as we live with heaven in view.

I have always reminisced on our old age and what it would look like, having all of you around me, but then, The Lord giveth and He taketh, may His name be blessed.

Onyewuchi has been my close confidant, especially since his return from Lagos. He was a secret holder and an intelligent brother, always thinking of solutions to every hard situation.

now there’s just us. The walking wounded. The devastated. They left behind.

Who can I rely upon in settling and managing the crisis in this family that our parents left for us? Things have fallen apart.

My brother embodied everything good and bright in this world. farewell, my brother for death lost its hold on you and you have victoriously gone above all, into the kingdom of God where our family and all the faithful departed shall rest from their toiling.

yes, I was in pain of losing a brother, but now overwhelmed by the joy of the HOLY GHOST knowing that “E-WUCHI NNEM” as I would call him is with the lord. Hallelujah.

by Mrs Juliana Chiaka Nnokwara.



There comes a time in life when your prayers of radical faith and rebuking the devil becomes vanity and that is when God’s will is at stake. His will should be our desire at all times no matter how painful and unfavourable.

what is life without Christ? Thank God you accepted Christ at a younger age and lived a Saint till death.

My family prayed for your healing always and even foresaw a better life after your healing, but all that was in the past.

if money could buy life, that I would have done for you because I see you all as my junior brothers and sisters.

your last word seeing me at the hospital was “NDA Godu, Ya rima” (meaning what can one do?). I tried to console you, yet, you were full of faith and focused. what more can I say? good night Onyewuchi.

Pastor Godspower Achogbuo Nnokwara.

Christian Tribute

Words can not say all I have in my mind for you bro. There are no earthly words enough to present my love for you. I thought about our plans and aspirations the last time yesterday and it kept breaking my heart to hear you are gone. What an indelible wound on my soul and its excruciating pains.


I have lost a good friend, a sweet dad that is every child’s dream, I missed the corrections and advice you give when life comes rough
Dad, so many images come to mind when I speak your name, I can never forget how you call me CHINAZAEKPERE, tears can’t stop flowing from my eyes, it seems without you in my life things have never been the same
Pls always know I love you and no one will take your place in my life, years may come and go but your memory will remain in my heart, you are the best dad, and I will keep Loving you
RIP Dad,

From your daughter Victory
Chinazaekpere Daniel.



I don’t know how to start describing a great man like my Dad, you have been everything to me before Death took you from me, and I will never forget the words of Strength you have built-in me, I missed you Dad, I was waiting for the day you will be okay and come back to us so we can live like a strong family but death snatched you from us, but I will always love you, Dad, because you are;
My hero
My strength
My first Friend.
Rest on Dad in the blossom of the Almighty,
Adieu Daddy
From your Son



Daddy, you told me you will come back to us, I have missed you, I have missed how you cuddle me to sleep, I missed you, Daddy, I love you always, and I will keep remembering you, YOU ARE THE BEST DADDY.

From your daughter



You have been my strength, even in good and bad times, you were my best friend, I have been looking out for the day you will come back to us but Death snatches you from me, your death broke my heart, Your Love and Faith in God motivates me, you are a true Lover of God, My dear, you will always be in my heart, the Love I have for you will never die, your last word to me still echoes in my ears, I promised to make sure your wishes towards our children comes to pass, I will stand strong to make you proud, We Love you but God loves you more,
Rest in peace, my husband
Rest in peace, my counsellor
Rest in peace my motivator,
Rest in peace my best friend,
Love you

From your wife


My dad passed away on the 29th 2021. Even though I knew it was looming, I didn’t know it would come so soon. I was hoping I’d have some time to get acquainted with the idea of death and what it means for those of us left behind.
Now I am beginning to comprehend just how naive my existence was before I was forced to confront death’s discourteous blow. While I hope u never have to experience such a life-altering loss, the truth is, we all will. Death is a part of life. I know the pain of losing my dad will never leave me. How can I get over a person who had been there since before you were even aware of yourself
I take comfort in knowing that my Dad is no longer in pain, that suffering is no longer something he had to endure. My dad, Daniel, will forever be in my heart until the day I stop beating.
The love my dad spread on this Earth continues to grow and will live on and that is the ultimate measure of any human being
I love you, Dad. Now and forevermore.
May your soul rest in perfect peace, Dad

Your Daughter
Miss Daniel Ebubechi Divine

A tribute to my brother

I can not believe you are gone. I still remember how the day you were born, I was excited. The day you came to this world, you welcomed thunder and lightning. You were the one who opened my heart and taught me how to love. I saw your face when I was in my dreams, and I could not ask for a better brother. You died when I was fourteen years old, and I will never forget you. You were the only one who cared for me and loved me as much as I did for you. You are my hero, my one true hero. My fight for life, my battle for passion, my battle for what’s right and just; you were always right there with me. I will miss you forever, brother. Rest in peace. I love you.

sacrament of healing or anointing of the sick

A tribute to my best friend

You will always be my best friend and always will be. We may have lost touch with each other but we will always be together. You will never be forgotten, and I will always love you. We may have been through some tough times but I know we would have always stood by each other. You will always be in my heart and you will always be my best friend. I hope that we can meet again one day, when we both get to heaven. I love you.

A tribute to the man I love

I met you in high school. We were not only best friends but our love for each other was undeniable. I will never forget the day I met you. I was lost, scared, and unsure of life. I was a lost soul, searching for something in my life. I was angry, and a depressed person. It was the first day of spring break, and we met in the parking lot of the high school. You saw me with my black eye and swollen eye. You came up to me and said, “Hey, don’t worry about that, everything is going to be okay.” You were not only my best friend but you were my soul mate.

A tribute to the one who saved me

There are some people who you meet in your life, and you know from day one that you have to meet them again. Day after day, you look to see if you see them or not, and get a smile and hug from them. You meet someone who you know saved you from the depths of despair. Someone you know saved you from the darkness in your soul. Someone who saw you at your lowest and believe in you. Someone who saw you at your weakest and loves you still. Someone who will be there when you need them most. Someone who you know saved you from the demons in your head and the ones inside of your heart. Someone who saved you from the pain of loss and pain. Someone who saved you from the pain of loneliness and the pain of a broken heart. This is who saved you.

A tribute to the love of my life

You have been my best friend since we were kids. We grew up together, and now we are grown adults together. We have seen each other through so much, and come out of it all the stronger. We have been through so much together, and we could tell each other anything without holding back anything. We have a bond that no one could ever break. We were there for each other, through everything. You know who you are, and I love you with all my heart. I will miss you, my love, and I will see you again one day.


A tribute to my guardian angel

You have been by my side through everything. I know that I can always count on you and that you will always be there for me. I will never forget all the sacrifices you have made for me, and I know that you love me. You are like a guardian angel, and you saved my life many times. You were there for me when I needed someone the most. You are an angel, and I will miss you.


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6 thoughts on “Tribute To A Christian Brother And Uncle (Daniel Onyewuchi Eboh).”

  1. Losing a loved one is never an easy thing regardless of your faith, or lack of faith.

    Being a Christian and having lost loved ones, knowing that He has the final say, and know that He knows all… that’s a comfort that other non-believes don’t have. By no means am I saying because a Christian just because I say things like this are “easier” to deal with. Because when you really give your life to Christ, the devil will come at you 100x’s harder. 

    The power or prayer is real, and it works. 

    I pray that anyone going through anything right now is comforted by Him. 

    Thanks for the article!

    “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight.” (Proverbs 3:5-6)

    • You are just said it all Caleb. We should all rely on the lord and never learn from our understanding.
      Death is a sorrowful experience and no one can be happy losing a loved one, even when they are saints. We have all wished to live forever with our loved ones.
      Thanks so much, Caleb for the experience.

  2. Kindly accept my condolence. If I say I feel your pain I may not be right but I just lost my father who doubles as my confidant to the cold hands of death. He was sick and I nursed him for good 2 weeks with the hope that he will survive but to no avail. 

    But what do we do when we cannot stop death from taking our loved ones from. Nothing, but to continue to encourage ourselves and move on. I believe he is resting in the blossom of the  lord he served. 

    • thank you Parameter for your condolences is accepted. I also am sorry for your loss. just as I have said in my condolence to my uncle, death is the only way back home.
      the most important thing is for us to make sure we are on good terms with God almighty so that whatsoever we see in this life, can never remove us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus.
      thanks so much for stopping by once more.

  3. What can one do? If God is for us, what can death do order than God’s will? But then, at times seat goes against God’s will to eliminate innocent people.
    My advice is John 3:16. Does God so love the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life? Let us love one another and our Almighty God.


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