This Is How This Christian Family Conceive Baby Boys Always.

This Is How This Christian Family Conceive Baby Boys Always.
This Is How This Christian Family Conceive Baby Boys Always.

The mere fact that you delivered a girl does not preclude the potential of having a boy in the future. If you’re having a hard time becoming pregnant with a boy or are feeling a lot of disappointment, this post is for you.


This Is How This Christian Family Conceive Baby Boys Always.

We recognize that “sex” and “gender” are terms that are changing in our world, so before we go any further, we’d want to clarify that when we talk about a baby’s sex in this article, we’re solely referring to the baby’s chromosomes, specifically the XY combination that is considered male.

A Baby’s sex is always a 50/50 probability of having a boy or a girl if things are left to nature. Some believe that adjusting time, location, food, and other factors can tip the odds in favour of male sperm, but I think the Ovulation timing is the key.

According to a 2008 research of 927 family trees, the father may influence whether you have boys or girls in more ways than one. Some fathers may be predisposed to produce more Y or X chromosomal sperm. None of these suggestions has been scientifically shown to produce positive effects, yet people try them in the hopes of improving their chances.

Let’s look at the characteristics of your eggs and sperms!

It’s crucial to understand the properties of your eggs and sperms before attempting any advice or techniques you have seen or heard.

1. After you ovulate, your egg can only survive for a maximum of 24 hours.

2. The egg dissolves within 24 hours if fertilization is unsuccessful. Your hormone levels will start to drop at this point.

3. Sperms can stay alive for up to 5 days within a female body.

4. There are two distinct sperm types: X is female and Y is male. Your baby’s gender is actually determined by them.5. Male sperm (Y) is weaker and dies more quickly in the female body despite being smaller and swimming more quickly.

6. Female sperm (X) move more slowly but remain in the female body longer.

7. During your fertile period, male sperm (Y) typically has a lifespan of one to two days.

8. During your fertile period, female sperm (X) typically has a lifespan of three days. It can occasionally live for up to five days.

What Diets?

In a 2008 study involving 740 women, researchers discovered a link between eating more calories and having a son. The ladies in the study also ingested more potassium. Women who had male babies ate more breakfast cereal than women who had female babies. Do you want to increase your potassium intake? Bananas, sweet potatoes, and white beans are all good choices.

The Shettles method

Note that I shall be concentrating partly on the Shettles method as it has helped many increase their chances of having baby boys. This is a conception plan and it is called the Shettles Method, which was developed by Landrum B. Shettles around 1960. The timing of intercourse, positions, and pH of body fluids may have an impact on gender. The sperm that wins the race and fertilizes the egg determines the baby’s gender.

Key points of the Shettles method include:

> sex close to ovulation.
> sperm deposited close to the cervix using positions allowing for deep penetration.
> alkaline environment in the vagina.
> woman having an orgasm first.

How effective is the Shettles method? Well, it depends on who you talk to. Shettles claims an overall 75 per cent success rate in the current edition of his book, and there are plenty of people who claim that they successfully conceived a boy or girl using his method. On the other hand, some older research found that sex 2 to 3 days after ovulation may not lead to pregnancy at all.


sexual intercourse spacing works only if!
let me explain this with a series of happenings around us here in Nigeria, (Imo state) to be precise.
we have noticed that many babies produced outside wedlock are baby boys, most cases of younger people.

from my own point of view, the Igbo tribe in Imo State Nigeria are totally Christians coupled with their traditional restrictions stopping young people from unwanted sex, premarital sex and sex outside wedlock.

Despite the traditional and Christian restrictions, we still record cases of childbirth outside wedlock.

In our findings, we learned that many of these sex activities producing baby boys took place in hideouts and it’s a quicky during the ovulation period because it is only during ovulation that the sex orgies raise in women. it is during this time that our younger daughters in quest of getting sexual satisfactions sneak out to meet with their male friends, and whenever this happens, it results in the production of baby boys.

this also happens whenever any couple decides to space their childbirth. this method produces a baby boy when during the spacing, the couple most especially the woman clings to her husband during her Ovulation in quest of sexual intercourse.
this only results in a baby boy, why? because the egg is matured and ready to be fertilised.



The process of an egg being released from the ovary is called ovulation. The egg descends into the fallopian tube after being discharged and stays there for 12 to 24 hours. When live sperm are present during ovulation, your likelihood of becoming pregnant is at its highest. If, like many women, you don’t have a 28-day monthly cycle, keeping a menstrual calendar will help you figure out how long your cycle is and when you’re most likely to ovulate.

Common Signs of Ovulation

There are a few ways to know when you’re at your most fertile during your cycle, but pinpointing your exact ovulation day might be challenging. Here are indicators that ovulation is about to occur or has already done so.

Positive Ovulation Test Result

Ovulation tests are a common method of detecting ovulation, although they have advantages and disadvantages. The test is regarded as positive when the test line is darker than the control line, indicating that you are probably soon to ovulate. The best time to get pregnant is now to have sex.


Utilizing a digital ovulation monitor can be rather simple. Compared to charting your basal body temperature, they require less work. Since it’s not always obvious when the test line is darker than the control, simpler tests can be challenging to read. Even if they are not ovulating, women with the polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) may get several positive outcomes.


Fertile Cervical Mucus

Cervical mucus, which increases and takes on the consistency of raw egg white as ovulation approaches, is a type of fluid that surrounds the cervix. Cervical mucus facilitates sexual contact by assisting sperm in moving up and into the female reproductive system. Cervical mucus goes through stages that range from virtually dry to none, to sticky, creamy, watery, and raw egg white-like, before returning to sticky or dry. Sexual encounters are made simpler and more enjoyable by the fertile cervical mucus, which aids sperm in swimming up and into the female reproductive system. When you have wet or egg-white-like cervical mucus, that’s the best time to have sex to get pregnant.

Increased Sexual Desire

The ovulation period for conception is precisely the moment when nature knows how to promote sex. Just before ovulation, a woman feels more in the mood for sex. Her urge for sex increases, and she also appears more seductive. A woman’s stride becomes sexier, her face’s actual bone structure transforms slightly, and if she dances, her hips swing more seductively. A woman feels more sexually inclined right before ovulation. Of course, ovulation isn’t the only reason that might make your desire soar.

Basal Body Temperature Increase

Although you may believe that 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit is a normal body temperature, in reality, your body temperature varies significantly during the day and month. It fluctuates according to your level of exercise, what you eat, your hormones, and how much sleep you receive.

Your body’s progesterone levels increase after ovulation, which produces a modest increase in body temperature. You can determine when you ovulated by monitoring your body temperature. You can track your BBT using free applications and websites. Whenever ovulation occurs, the body temperature rises.

Change in Cervical Position

You can monitor changes in your cervix over the course of your menstrual cycle by performing cervix checking. The cervix rises upward, softens to the touch, and opens slightly just before ovulation. It’s lower, harder, and more closed when you’re not in the fertile phase of your cycle.

Breast Tenderness

Have you ever noticed that your breasts occasionally seem sensitive to touch? Although you can’t predict it, it can be encouraging if you’re unsure of when you last ovulated. Infertility treatments like IVF may potentially cause breast tenderness as a side effect. This is brought on by the hormones your body produces during ovulation. but, not always?

Saliva Ferning Pattern

Another indicator of ovulation is a ferning pattern in your saliva. Although there are specific microscopes offered for this usage, you could theoretically use any microscope from a toy store. You won’t find many resources or peer support because this method of tracking ovulation is unique.

Ovulation Pain

Every month, ovulation pain affects some women. According to research, the time before ovulation, when you are most fertile, is when you experience mid-cycle pain. Temporary acute discomfort in the lower abdomen is a symptom of ovulation. If you are in a lot of pain during ovulation, let your doctor know. It might be a symptom of pelvic adhesions or endometriosis. Some women’s pain keeps them from having sex when they are most fertile.

Pinpointing the Day of Ovulation

You will have had sex at the appropriate time if you have it daily before your potential ovulation date. It may not even be possible for you to determine the precise day you ovulated, according to research. Only 60% of the time are ovulation predictor kits likely to accurately identify the LH hormone spike before ovulation. the truth is that we follow the signs for ovulation listed here since my wife gets these signs, we never use ovulation kits.

Find Out When You’re Most Fertile(The Ovulation Window)


In our own case, after having our first daughter (Nora Ogechi Adora), we decided to research how to get baby boys. going through a series of teachings, and research between 2018 and 2019, we found out that the key lies on:

1) My wife knows the day her Ovulation occurs by studying her body bearing in mind the above-mentioned common signs of Ovulation.

2) Noting the above signs, We counted 15 days from the first day of her menstrual period and marked it on our calendar since she spotted some of the above-mentioned signs between the 14th day through the night before the 15th day. this was easy for us because my wife is a practising Nurse.

We did this because from our research we found out that her ovulation should come on the 15th day from the first day of her menstrual period.

3) In choosing the day we will meet sexually, we chose the 14 days from the first day of her menstruation, knowing that the male sperms (Y) are the fastest and will outrun the female sperm(X) to fertilize the egg which we know will be produced on the 15day from the first day of menstruation period.

But then, the male sperm (Y) has only 24 hours to live before dying, while the female sperm (X) has the ability to live up to 5 days before dying in a woman. we don’t want to make the mistake of having another baby girl, so we chose the 14th day, (the night) before the 15th day, which produced a baby boy for us who we named “Greathonour Chibundu Emmanuel” on August 2, 2020. ALL TO THE GLORY OF GOD ALMIGHTY.

4) Again, We also tried out this technique again in 2021, yet the result was the same, “A BABY BOY” We named him “Decent Chisonjo Joel” on the 20th of May 2022. ALL TO THE GLORY OF GOD ALMIGHTY.

My daughter Nora, my first son Emmanuel, my second son Descent and my self Godspower.
My daughter Nora, my first son Emmanuel, my second son Descent and my self Godspower.


In our situation, sexual contact occurred between the 14th and 15th day from the first day of menstruation, giving rise to a baby boy. The Y sperm (MALE) is the most Ajay and fastest in the race to fertilize the egg at the point of release and will do so before the X sperm (FEMALE). However, because the male sperm only lasts for 24 hours, always choose the day of ovulation. The X sperms (female) can outlive the Y sperms (male) because they have the ability to last up to 5 days in a woman, between the 11th and 15th day from the first day of the menstrual period.



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6 thoughts on “This Is How This Christian Family Conceive Baby Boys Always.”

  1. Interesting and clever research and compelling result that produced a baby boy.

    Knowledge is power and it really has worked here.

    It is advantageous to know this time if you want a boy.

    Many families like to have boys in India because

    Of the costly dowry system where parents spends sometimes their life long savings for a girl’s marriage. Things are changing these days but I feel it is there to a great extent.

    • thanks, Anusuya, so happy to hear from you ma. I love to share my knowledge of things that worked out for me. 

      so good to read through your comment ma. I’ve never heard of the high cost of a girl’s marriage in India. 

      thanks for this eye-opening comment Anusuya.

  2. Thank you for recommendations on how to conceive baby boys. You have stated that the absolute best way is to learn the ovulation cycle and to mate at the time the egg is being released. You have also mentioned diet, and potassium as being very important, also. What about other supplements? Is there no data from other vitamins or minerals that would support being able to conceive a male child? Thank you for a well-written article about an interesting subject.

    • Thanks Toplink for your time and comment. 

      i think I understand what you mean. Now, I just mentioned the main things to do, techniques,and drugs. 

      for the men, drugs and foods rich in vitamins, Omega 3, 6, and 9, and Zinc are required while the woman stick to her normal routine drugs. 

      some times, the both can go for vitabiotics product such as well man, well woman, etc. But these are to lay a better foundation. But sticking to the technique is the key. 

      thanks so much Toplink for the comment and remain safe.

  3. I find your post very interesting, and your research is impresive, well done! Thanks to your wife too. As a nurse, she knew exactly what she was doing to help you have a baby boy. ☺

    When my and my husband were trying for a baby, what I really took note of was the consistency of my cervical mucus. Although my period is regular whcih occurs on a 28-day cycle, it took us months to conceive. I also had my husband do sperm count and evaluation and the doctor said everything was okay.

    We had no gender preference when we were trying to conceive; we just wanted to have a baby. And so we never thought of researching how to have a baby boy or girl. But when we do, we will try your proven method, thanks for sharing.

    I have heard many couple’s stories on how they succeeded in having the baby they wanted. One of husband said that if you want a boy, let the wife lie down on her side facing right after he intercourse. And if you want a girl, let the wife lie down on her side facing left. This is why he said, their 4 kids are alternately boys and girls.

    I guess, different tactics work for different couples.

    • You are on point Alice. Different methods work for different people. Though I know the method I explained here is the best and can work for any one that puts their time to it. 

      thanks so much Alice for stopping by and may God grant you all that you quest for in life.


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