Interpeting Types, Parables And Prophecies In The Bible.

In the Bible, a type is a species of prophecy. Some interpreters feel that only Old Testament passages specially quoted in the New Testament as types can be legitimately regarded as such. That, I believe, is too narrow a rule. Such a rule would not allow us to regard Joseph as a type of Christ. … Read more


  What is the definition of biblical hermeneutics? Biblical hermeneutics in short is the study of the principles of interpreting God’s Word (the bible). Hermeneutics is both science and art; an interpreter must view the hermeneutics process, to properly understand God’s Word, which must be conducted within the context of our relationship and total reliance … Read more


  Many of the various methods and systems of interpretation that others have used, attempted, and taught throughout the years are not adequate. We may be critical of some of the techniques used, even if we admire the accomplishments of these men in the past. The goal of biblical hermeneutics is to decipher the levels … Read more


  It takes being in line with God’s spirit for an accurate interpretation of the word of God. Interpretation of God’s word belongs to God alone, says Joseph in Gen 40:8. Also, there is also academic knowledge compulsory for an accurate bible interpretation-Hermeneutics. QUALIFICATIONS OF A BIBLE INTERPRETER 1. Spiritual qualifications: That spiritual qualification has … Read more

Hermeneutics And Biblical Studies.

Hermeneutics is not isolated from other fields of Bible study. It is related to the study of canon, textual criticism, historical criticism, exegesis, exposition, Biblical and systematic theology.   THE RELATION OF HERMENEUTICS TO OTHER FIELDS OF BIBLICAL STUDIES Among these fields of biblical study, the area which conceptually precedes all Other is the study … Read more


The word hermeneutics is said to have had its origin in the name Hermes, the Greek god (the god of art and eloquence) who served as a messenger for the gods, transmitting and interpreting their communications to their fortunate or often unfortunate recipients. As a theological discipline, hermeneutics is the science and art of the … Read more