Church History – The Sabbath Day And The Reason For Sunday Worship.

It’s not unusual for Christians and non-Christians alike to question why we worship on Sunday rather than the biblical command on Saturday, the Sabbath Day, or the seventh day of the week. Church History: The Sabbath Day and the Reason for Sunday Worship From the beginning, Christians remembered and celebrated the first day of … Read more

A Brief Account Of Israel’s History: From David To Alexander The Great.

In this Brief Account of Israel’s History, From David to Alexander the Great, we will try to make a summary of life and historical events during this time. we shall make a brief study of King David through both Israel’s and Judah’s exile, the Pharisees, Sadducees, Maccabees, Ezra, down to the time of the Herods, … Read more


DEFINITION Theodicy is a theological concept that seeks to vindicate God in the face of the evidentiary issue of evil. The term theodicy is derived from the Greek terms “theos” and “dik,” which mean “trial” or “judgment.”   Introduction In the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Nick Trakakis proposed an additional three requirements which must be … Read more


INTRODUCTION The understanding of infant baptism within Presbyterian churches is on the decline. This decline parallels that in other Protestant churches, especially those who identify themselves as being evangelical. This decline has been attributed to the influence of revivalism in evangelicalism, and the emphasis on baptism which follows an individual’s profession of faith. Furthermore, many … Read more

Christian Holy Week.

    For many Christians, the once-a-year celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ — a key moment within the religion’s calendar — begins long earlier than Easter Sunday.   Holy Week, which starts on Palm Sunday and ends on Holy Saturday, comprises the seven days before Easter Sunday. At some stage in that point, Christians, … Read more