What Is The Power Given To The Church By Jesus Christ Related To?

What Is The Power Given To The Church By Jesus Christ Related To?

The power given to believers by Jesus Christ is recorded in Matthew 28:18–20 as ‘ALL POWER IN HEAVEN AND ON EARTH’, but Mark 16:16–18 gives a graphic portrayal of what the “all power” in Matthew’s Gospel speaks of. The power given to believers by Jesus Christ is related to: a) The spiritual kingdom, for … Read more

The Bible And The Errors Of The Septuagint

The Septuagint is the oldest and most important translation of the OT from the original Hebrew language into the Greek language. It was referred to by the Hebrews in the Early Church and provided insight into the development of the NT. What is the Septuagint? The term Septuagint is often thought of as the Greek … Read more

Interpreting The Scripture Through Figures OF Speech And Allegory.

Figures of speech express an idea more forcefully. The use of a figure of speech and allegory is always interesting. Usually colourful, and generally interesting in scriptural interpretation.   Picture yourself on a plane flying at a steady cruising speed above the clouds. As long as the plane flies on at a steady place, … Read more

The Laws Of Mention And Devotional Rule Of Biblical Interpretation.

Three fundamental criteria can be used to evaluate whether a major biblical issue is mentioned in the Bible. These criteria are known as the laws of mention and devotional rules of biblical interpretation. However, brilliant attention to these will provide the comfort required from the study since God is aware of our needs and enjoys … Read more


  It takes being in line with God’s spirit for an accurate interpretation of the word of God. Interpretation of God’s word belongs to God alone, says Joseph in Gen 40:8. Also, there is also academic knowledge compulsory for an accurate bible interpretation-Hermeneutics. QUALIFICATIONS OF A BIBLE INTERPRETER 1. Spiritual qualifications: That spiritual qualification has … Read more