The ministry of Apostle Paul has actually caused a great effect, on today’s ministry. If we study the character of Apostle Paul, we will have God’s ideal and ideal pastors which we will do well follow.




According to, prior to the important work the Lord gave to us, he also set at the very beginning of his church dispensation a certain man who is in every phase of his life an ideal example and pattern from which should hereafter believe in him 1Tim. 1:16. To Timothy his beloved son in the faith, he cited himself as an example of Christian character and ministry. 2Tim. 3:10,11.

But thou have fully known my doctrine, manner of life, purpose, long-suffering, charity, patience, persecution, affliction, etc. if we study the character and ministry of Apostle Paul, we will have God’s ideal and ideal pastors character and services which we will do well follow. The ministry of our beloved brother Apostle Paul has actually caused a great effect, in today’s ministry which directly or indirectly has produced a quality result for qualified ministers who are ready to live to standard to become instruments to be emulated at all times. There are some things Paul pointed out to our contemporary ministers;



This is an almost unknown quality of Christian character or fruit of the Spirit today. A great many people in our churches today do not want a humble minister as their pastor. They want a big shot full of pride, talking and boasting about himself; they think he hasn’t got what it takes. Apostle Paul resorted to boasting only when his Apostleship is been called to question and he condemned this in (2Cor. 10:12) for am a minister to be humble does not mean he should let people over himself or his right always, but it requires he should be willing to be am servant leader even if his members don’t love him back.

The Bible says let no man think of himself more highly than he ought to think (Rom. 12:3). Many ministers have grown so proud to the level of selling themselves with no regard, no respect for the ministry and flock. It’s all about living life due to both God’s and man’s recommendations. In the case of Apostle Paul, he was willing to be taught and assisted by those who were older in the Lord (Acts 9:27, 11:25-30). What a beautiful example to all ministers who resist all agents of God’s humbling.


From 2Tim. 3:11, Apostle Paul’s life and ministry taught us to live patiently waiting for the manifestation of the word. Impatience I am a sign of weakness and whoever loses his temper in the presence of people so quickly and so often gradually loses all his influence. The impatient pastor also loses respect and gifts from members of his flock.

In this generation, patience has lost its place in the lives of our ministers, the reason being;

  • Demonstration of power
  • Competition for material possessions has become the syndrome and cankerworm that have deeply eaten off Godly patience in our ministers today.
  • Ministers want to drive the best and latest cars in the world
  • They want to live in big mansions
  • They want to put on fancily and expensive wears
  • So desperate to make quick money
  • Desperate to make am named and gather influence for themselves
  • The wish to arrive at the place before God is not possible.

The absence of a patience kind of lifestyle in today’s ministers has caused a lot of them to soil their hands and backslide from the faith. In regard to these virtues, Apostle Paul because of the future he wishes to embrace in Christ counted all these things as being lost to gain Christ Ph. 3:7-8. All these needs are desirable, but I advise mine follow ministers to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness as every other thing is in his hand to add at will Matt. 6:33 (KJV).



This is another wonderful experience about this man of God. He said God is my witness that without ceasing, I made mention of you always in my prayers (Rom. 1:9). He prayed for the believers of Galatia, he charged them to be firm and Christ formed in them, Gal. 4:19. For the Ephesians, He also prayed to mention them in his prayer Eph. 1:16. He remembered the disciples at Philippi and made requests for them with joy (Phi. 1:4). He also prayed for the climax of this spiritual intercession to be reached as he brought before God his brethren, kinsmen, and his soul’s eternal destiny as a ransom for the redemption of his fellow Jews Rom. 9:1-3. This intense and incessant prayer nature that had a large part in the life and ministry of Apostle Paul will tempt one to as the big question “do ministers still pray selflessly for the flocks?”.

The negative impact left by the prayerless ministers is that sinners are seen like heaps of dirt right inside the church more on the streets while ministers pass across them without passion because we feel they are not our church members and so the devil should take them for free.

Finally, need I mention the denominational problems and fetish religious spirits such as the spirit of segregation which is a great blow on ministers who stand on the altar to condemn other denominations (body of Christ) at times it is on social media, televisions, and radios. This is not like Apostle Paul who always prays for the church, his kinsmen, and ministers so that Christ will be formed in them. It seems as if praying for our non-church members is a sin in this dispensation. Let us look back into the life and ministry of Apostle Paul so we can finish the race set before us and also accomplish this ministry of reconciliation.


The ministry of Apostle Paul has seriously reformed and revived the lives and ministries of many ministers of our time but only that no minister wants to experience what Apostle Paul passed through.

According to colo. 1:25, he said again wherefore I am made a minister according to the dispensation of God which is given to me for you, to fulfil the word of God. When doing this ministerial work you must make proof and show that you are really called by God. Sometimes ministries die without fulfilling their ministry and Apostle Paul advised ministries to take heed to the ministry which they have received from the lord that they should fulfil it and build the body of Christ Eph. 4:11-012.

Many ministers forsake their ministry just to initiate the ministries of others, because of maybe the miracles, healings, signs, and wonders. Some changes overnight and switch over to prosperity messages, believing it is the only way to keep their members and make money-draining the pocket of God’s flock and changing their ministry into the stock market.

In such churches, anointing is sold, and vision, miracles, and healings are all bargainable and marketable. The way God calls his servants varies from person to person. The circumstances were different in each but the purpose and result were the same. Therefore I advise every minister called to focus on his calling without wavering, holding unto God to fulfil the ministry. Remember we shall give an account of all we have done before Christ on that great day of the Lord.


According to C.F.C (Christian Fellowship Church) 27th, August 2006 online. Apostle Paul reveals the secrets of his effective ministry in these words: God strengthens us in all our afflictions, so that we may be able to strengthen those who are in affliction with the same strength with which we are strengthened by God. (2cor. 1:4). Paul had to go through many afflictions in order to receive a spiritual education, only thus could he pass on to others the strength that he himself had received, when he went through trials.

Without such an education, no one can be a servant of the new covenant. There is a vast difference between an anointed Samson under the old covenant and an anointed Paul under the new covenant. Samson had the spirit’s power to overcome the external lion. Paul, however, had the spirit’s power to overcome the lions that dwelt within his own flesh which Samson could not overcome under the old covenant.

In our time, God’s servants stood in God’s presence, heard God’s word, and reflect it to God’s people but that is not sufficient in the New Testament, God’s servants must go through trials and afflictions to experience God’s grace helping them to overcome and as well exhort others to follow their examples. This is how New Covenants ministries operate.

This is the way to New Testament or New Covenant ministry as Paul writes to Timothy in (1Tim.4:12) that he should be an example to those who believe in preaching, love, faith, and purity. Our speech must always be gentle and we must keep whatsoever others share with us secret as good counsellors. Others must see that no matter what they say or do to us, our love for them never changes. We must be examples in faith in all our trials. People must see that we don’t and never get into a panic, but always have perfect confidence that God is able to see s through.



This is according to Janet Meyer in Apostle Paul and his times 1995.

– AD 3-6 – Born a Roman citizen to Jewish parents

in Tarsus (modern-day Turkey).

– AD 20-30 – Studied Torah in Jerusalem with Gamaliel and became a Pharisee.

– AD 30-33 – Persecuted followers of Christ of Nazareth in Jerusalem and Judea.


AD 33-36 Converted on the way to Damascus; spends three years in Arabia, returns to Damascus to preach Jesus as the messiah.

  • – AD 36 – Flees Damascus because of persecution. Visits Jerusalem and meets with the Apostles.
  • – AD 36-44 Preaches in Tarsus and surrounding regions.
  • – AD 44-46 – Invited by Barnabas to teach in Antioch.
  • – AD46 – With Barnabas visits Jerusalem to bring a famine relief offering.



– AD 47-48 – First Missionary with Barnabas to Cyprus and Galatia.

  • – AD 49 – At the council of Jerusalem Paul argues Apologetically that gentile Christians need not follow Jewish law: returns to Antioch; confronts Peter over the question of Jewish law.
  • – AD 49-52 – second missionary Journey with Silas through Asia Minor and Greece; settles in Corinth, writes letters to Thessalonians.
  • – AD 52 – Visits Jerusalem and Antioch briefly; begins third missionary Journey.
  • – AD 52-55 – Stays in Ephesus and writes the letters to Galatians and Corinthians.
  • – AD 55-57 – Travels through Greece and possibly Illyricum (modern-day Yugoslavia); writes a letter to Romans.
Apostle Paul was arrested and executed.



. AD 57-59 – Returns to Jerusalem, arrested and imprisoned at Caesarea.

  • – AD 59-60 – Appears before Festus and appeals to Caesar; voyage to Rome.
  • – AD 60-62 – Under house arrest in Rome; writes a letter to Philippians, Ephesians, Colossians, and Philemon.
  • – AD 62-64 – Released, journeys to Spain, writes letters to Timothy and Titus.
  • – AD 64-67 – Returns to Rome, Martyred during persecution. Paul was beheaded by the Romans, under Emperor Nero. Sometimes around June of AD 68. Nero himself died by suicide on June 9th of the same year.



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  1. Not being religious at all I found this an interesting document of a man’s life. It sounds like The Ministery of Apostle Paul actually changed a lot of perceptions of church pastors. With people moving towards a more caring interested leader and away from the loud rhetoric that we still see today in some churches.

    He seemed to encompass all the good humour of patience, humility and intercession for his followers. A worth man.

  2. you are so correct lily. apostle paul is everything we need to have in our contemporary ministers. I follow him much even as he followed our Lord Jesus Christ. thanks for the comment ma.

    • Hi Rorodete. you made a point there when you acknowledged how God can change our lives. apostle paul is an example of that and in our time, anyone can point to one way God changed certain things in their lives. He is our father and loves to correct and change us for the better.

      • Hi UncleBolt, really happy you commented. yes, you are correct. many believers, even ministers misinterpreted the scripture for many reasons. maybe for lack of proper theology education and bible knowledge, lack of proper followership and coaching, the wrong approach of trying to make fortune from their audience. may His grace meet us, sir.

        • Hi Sean, thanks to observe the content about the life and ministry of apostle paul as a litmus to our contemporary Christians. His life and ministry contain most things lacking in the lives and ministries of our contemporary ministers. thanks for the comment.

  3. It’s wonderful content her won your site alone has given me so much to thankful for and I am really happy to be here seeing some really nice information. However, this really show how much you are willing to help us all. Alot have been said about these apostles the same time as the first time in the future and the other is a great way to get the best out of the way 

  4. Thank you for sharing this interesting and very resourceful article, it is of great help to me and I know it’ll be to many others. Many people are very fond of misinterpreting the bible ans all,  It is very thoughtful of you to share this interesting and very resourceful information, if is very helpful to make 

  5. Hello there! This is such a great and timely post! Quite interesting that i had to read twice! Always great tp read about things of the bible! The story of apostle paul ins really inspiring and lovely! Just comes to show you how much God can change our lives for good. Thanks for sharing this article!

  6. You are very correct about humility, even the bible says that, when pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with the humble is wisdom. These days when they want to introduce a pastor, they will praise him as if, his the God we are all worshipping. Patience is one of the most valuable gifts you will ever receive. What people don’t know is that patience helps us to make a better decision. Prayer supposed to be the key in every Christians life. This is so informative for people who really want to go dipper in the things of God.

  7. hi dozzy, you’ve said it all. we need these virtues to do His will. our pastors should better correct their ways for His judgment starts with us in God’s house. thanks for the comment and God bless.

  8. Hi,
    Reading God’s Word should be top priority for us. In it we discover God’s plan for salvation. And once we’re saved we start to recognize how God has greatly used men and women in different periods of history. And one of them has been the Apostle Paul. How do we recognize when God’s using some one? As the Apostle wrote in his last epistle: The Lord knoweth them that are his. And, let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity.  2 Timothy 2:19.

  9. This is a very interesting article. I wish we had more leaders with this kind of attitude. Unfortunately where I come for it seems all men in power are looking mainly for power. I enjoyed reading through your article. I felt it put things back in place for me. Reminded me what is right and true. Thank you.

  10. Hello there! This is such a great and timely post! Quite interesting that i had to read twice! Always great tp read about things of the bible! The story of apostle paul ins really inspiring and lovely! Just comes to show you how much God can change our lives for good. Thanks for sharing this article!

  11. Great post, thanks for sharing. Interpretation is everything, especially when dealing with religion. Interpretation can change everything. I find it interesting how each different religion thinks they are right, and all the others are wrong, and a lot of this comes down to the interpretation of the bible.

    We are all different and have different views and interpret thing differently, thanks for your take on this.

  12. you are highly correct Dave. interpretation is everything. you see, God in his dealing with us never wants us to misunderstand Him, that was why He gave us the Holy Spirit knowing that the human spirit (conscience) couldn’t understand things as to interpret well to save man from Gods wrath in the dispensation of human conscience (Noah’s time on earth). the Bible is God’s word (spiritual) and takes His Spirit to rightfully divide this word of truth to our own little understanding. thanks for the comment, sir.


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