The First Bible Translation And Errors In The Setuagint.

The First Bible Translation And Errors In The Septuagint.

The Septuagint The Septuagint is the first Greek version of the Hebrew Bible which was adopted by the early Christian Churches. Sometimes referred to as the Greek Old Testament. But The term Septuagint actually refers to the seventy-two translators—six from each tribe of Israel—involved in translating the Pentateuch from Hebrew to Greek in the … Read more

The Bible And The Errors Of The Septuagint

The Septuagint is the oldest and most important translation of the OT from the original Hebrew language into the Greek language. It was referred to by the Hebrews in the Early Church and provided insight into the development of the NT. What is the Septuagint? The term Septuagint is often thought of as the Greek … Read more

The Relationship Between Faith and Works (Jms 2:24 and Eph 2:8-10)

CHAPTER 1: Introduction The whole Christian life is characterized by the grace of God. The scriptures explicitly teach salvation is by grace and that no one will be declared righteous by the law. Although this statement is true, it does not fully describe the Gospel as the scriptures teach. There is a faulty Protestant doctrine … Read more


The word hermeneutics is said to have had its origin in the name Hermes, the Greek god (the god of art and eloquence) who served as a messenger for the gods, transmitting and interpreting their communications to their fortunate or often unfortunate recipients. As a theological discipline, hermeneutics is the science and art of the … Read more