Conquest and Settlement in Canaan

conquest and settlement in canaan

The conquering and settlement of Israel in Canaan demonstrates the “Dark Ages” of Hebrew history, which were characterized by weak concessions and easy ideal surrendering. Samuel’s actions caused the dense darkness to start to fade. Conquest and Settlement in Canaan (JOSHUA 1-24, JUDGES 1-21, RUTH 1-4). This period of (conquest and settlement in Cannan) Hebrew … Read more


THE IMPORTANCE OF THEOLOGY: some people fail to form strong theological beliefs, especially in the major subjects of theology. They accept that theological beliefs are not necessary because of the nature of the human intellect and the practical concern of life.   A strong theological foundation is necessary on the following premise: 1. The organizing … Read more


The concept of the FALL OF MAN appears in myths, traditions, and religions of a great many peoples and presents a number of interrelated themes of primary importance in the history of religious thought. In general, the fall is to be thought of as an accident that arose after the creation of the genesis of … Read more

Tribute To A Christian Brother And Uncle (Daniel Onyewuchi Eboh).

Tribute to a Christian brother

A Christian memorial tribute is a speech given at a funeral or memorial service. TRIBUTE TO A CHRISTIAN BROTHER AND UNCLE. (Daniel Onyewuchi Eboh). Christian memorial tribute may include a brief history of life, personal memories, anecdotes, interests or hobbies. A Tribute rekindles the person in our imagination and gives us something to remember. We … Read more


DEFINITION Theodicy is a theological concept that seeks to vindicate God in the face of the evidentiary issue of evil. The term theodicy is derived from the Greek terms “theos” and “dik,” which mean “trial” or “judgment.”   Introduction In the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Nick Trakakis proposed an additional three requirements which must be … Read more


INTRODUCTION The understanding of infant baptism within Presbyterian churches is on the decline. This decline parallels that in other Protestant churches, especially those who identify themselves as being evangelical. This decline has been attributed to the influence of revivalism in evangelicalism, and the emphasis on baptism which follows an individual’s profession of faith. Furthermore, many … Read more