Who is a Lay Reader?

In the Anglican Church, a Lay reader or layperson is licensed to preach and conduct some religious services, but not licensed to celebrate the Eucharist.   Who is a Lay Reader? A licensed lay minister (LLM) or lay reader (in some jurisdictions simply reader) is a person authorized by a bishop in the Anglican … Read more

The Relationship Between Faith and Works (Jms 2:24 and Eph 2:8-10)

CHAPTER 1: Introduction The whole Christian life is characterized by the grace of God. The scriptures explicitly teach salvation is by grace and that no one will be declared righteous by the law. Although this statement is true, it does not fully describe the Gospel as the scriptures teach. There is a faulty Protestant doctrine … Read more


It EXPOSITION ON THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO SAINT MATTHEW. Name Matthew means’’ Gift of ‘’… from the Hebrew name ‘’Mattith- Yahu’’ of the Biblical Apostle. Authorship: Matthew is the tax collector or a toll collector (matt.9:9). As a tax – collector, it was his duty to collect the tolls levied against various merchandise being carried … Read more